little boy peaky blinders cake smash

Baby M is ONE!

When I first received the request for a peaky blinders cake smash, I knew it was meant to be. My husband and I were just into season 4 of the show and was surprised of the timing. Mom had sent me her inspiration photos of what her vision was, and we made it happen. I had everything in my studio to bring our setup to life and most of the custom creations like the labels and signs were made in house.

Mom has also requested a similar design with our inspiration photo, which made the cake designing process easy as ... well cake! By the time our session rolled around, and my clients had arrived we took some time to decompress baby M with his new surroundings. Anytime baby is introduced to a new place, especially a place that as so many interesting things to grab and a rather large light in the room it sometimes takes a bit for them to warm up to the idea of having some stranger in their face snapping away.

little boy cake smash peaky blinders

With a shy start, baby M started to show me his dashing smile paired with some cute little toothers. After we grabbed his formal portraits, we went straight into the cake portion. Let me just tell you something... I did not expect for him to straight up flip that cake upside down! lol he wasn't so much into eating it but rather just focused on moving the cake around and continuously flipping it upside down. So, after a few goes with that he decided he was done. We quickly changed him into her bath clothes, filled up the tun for his splash after the smash and he LOVED it!! As most babies do. All in all, I believed baby M rocked his Peaky Blinders Smash smashingly! 

little boy cake smash peaky blinders