I had a vision ...

And of course that vision included the color red and gel work. I’m trying to embrace color and the boldness that comes with it. Although, especially with trends coming and going, color sometimes is overlooked by the neutral palette that is Boho. Now not knocking on the Boho trend and in its own a very beautiful medium that can be translating into your photos, but for my work I want my photo to be impactful and bold. 

red maternity dress beautiful woman
red and blue maternity woman in black body suit

Stormi came to the studio at 20 weeks and carrying her twins! We worked with a slim and fitting red number and a black body suit that hug her baby body because it's all about that belly.

The one feature of technique I like to instill on my art is the use of gels or even as simple as a hair light. It gives my photos that signature pop I like to add. And we used those gels on the black bodysuit outfit. Now you could “fake” the gel looks in photoshop, but I prefer the actual application of it. At the end of the day turning my photos into a work of art with the use of various lighting techniques is what I live for.