baby brown bear newborn photography

All babies loved to be wrapped.... sometimes

I was super excited to get a baby boy in the studio! I have been itching to use my wooden bed that I love so much. Mom also had 1 specific request and that was a certain pose and a certain color. Usually with wrapped minis babies are wrapped, but if I see that baby is extra sleepy I can usually pull off this pose super fast. Thankfully baby M allowed me to pull it off for his mama. I absolutely like the bear set-up Just sit him perfectly and the bed set-up! LOVE. Not to mention that green color! Baby M did wonderfully during his session!

and that whole thing about how all babies loved to be wrapped? Lies well sort of hahaha Baby M actually settled more during bum up haha you'd think after being in the crowded womb for 9 months they would feel right at home swaddled. I have had babies who loved being wrapped and threw a fit when I would unwrap them for an outfit or naked pose AND I've had babies who hate being wrapped only to settle when their limbs were free.

blue baby newborn setup on bed
sage bum up newborn boy setup