Photography found me back in 2014 after my son was born. The desire to capture these fleeting moments was strong with this young one. After years of honing my skill in both natural light and studio, I have the desire to teach upcoming photographers da way... All joking aside, I believe photography is what you make it. I know it took me years to figure out my style and I'm still tweaking to this day. Trends come and go but what will stay with you during your career is your ability to use your fundamentals to create magnificent art for yourself and your clients.

lets get down to the good stuff...

It all comes down to what type of photographer you would like to be?

newborn mentoring

You can be a jack of all trades, but I find it important in this industry to focus on one niche until you master it. Take advantage of all the available information wells on the internet. Invest in online or 1:1 in-person mentorships. Investing in your education should be number 1 on your list. You know that little manual that comes with your camera when you buy it? Read it... yes, read it from top to bottom. That's where your journey begins...

Check out our Mentorship Packages

1:1 Mentorship

What type of photographer do you want to be? What do you want to shoot? This is the foundation class, where we sit and talk about your goals. A complete immersive session will be tailored for you to shoot. I will hold your hand as we dive into posing, client prep, session techniques, lighting and equipment, worst-case scenarios, gear, and editing.

6-hour in-person instruction session.

Instruction on setting up the shot with posing and camera settings. Basic camera knowledge is required.



1:1 Shadow-ship

Not quite ready for a complete hands-on experience? Let me do the hard work and you just sit back and shoot. With the shadow-ship, I take your guesswork out of the equation and set you up for success. You will semi-assist and shoot during a session styled for you to help achieve the final product.

2-hour in-person shadow session. Basic camera knowledge is required.



Lighting 101

Need a little more in-depth schooling on studio lighting? In this 2 hour in-person instruction, we will go over the types of lighting. From OCF, continuous and my favorite; strobes as well as their additive options such as gels, reflectors, strip boxes, grids, etc...

3-hour in-person instruction session to improve your use of OCF

during a planned shoot for you.



All Mentorships, Shadowships, Zoomships, Online Sessions and Memberships are subjects to 9.5% Sales tax.

newborn mentoring
newborn mentoring
newborn mentoring
newborn mentoring
zoom mentorships

I. 1:1 Q&A Session - $200

This one-on-one Zoom session is perfect for those who are non-local and need answers to their issues. This 1-hour call can cover the basics, posing, lighting, equipment, editing tips, and more.

II. 1:1 Editing Session - $200

Are you having a hard time finding your grove with editing? Haven't quite figured out your editing style? In this one-on-one 1 hour session, we talk about workflow, actions, techniques, and finishing touches to help you streamline your workflow efficiently. Come to me or we can Zoom together

III. The WF Community - $5/MONTHLY

With this subscription, Become a "Seedling" and gain access to a growing photography community through our private discord server, where we can help each other reach that next goal in our artistry. Along with our community members, I will personally be in there to answer any questions you have, as you start or continue your journey, be it hobby-level questions or even how I would handle specific professional scenarios. So join us for the low price of a cup of coffee, and together we will all grow.

Mentorship Questions

Where will the Mentorships take place?

All mentorships take place at my in-home studio where the atmosphere is controlled for smooth instruction.

When I complete my program can I email/message you if I have further questions?

Absolutely! All my Mentees are free to email/call/message me if they get into a rut or have further questions. I am here to see you succeed with your developing skills.

I really just want to shoot and ask questions, which mentorship would be best?

If you're still not confident in your skills and would just like to observe, ask and shoot then a shadow-ship would be best. Although the best experience is always hands-on

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. Payment plans are always available. Once final payment is met then we can schedule your mentorship session

What are the requirements?

Basic camera knowledge is required. A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking your mentoring date with the remainder due 2 weeks before with your signed agreement or payment plan schedule.

Are you ready to take the first step?

In-person mentorships don't end when you leave my studio! Feel free to keep in touch whenever you have a question or need clarification. I want to see you succeed with what you learned.