General FAQ

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based out of Rogers, Arkansas. I currently conduct all newborn and cake smash sessions from my in-home studio. I do offer on location portrait sessions such as maternity and family sessions.

Do you deliver raw photos?

In order to be consistant with my style Willow & Ferns Photography never releases raw photos from your session. All final selections are meticulously edited to fit our overall standard.

What is a proofing gallery?

A proofing gallery contains about 50-100 images from your session. These images are what you are going to choose for your final selections. Your proofing gallery consists of the best photos chosen from the photographer. These photos have been minorly re-touched with the bulk of the editing implemented for your final selections.

How long does it take to receive my proofing gallery?

Proofing galleries are sent out 1 week after your concluded session.

When will we get our finished Digital Collection??

All Digital Collections will receive an online gallery link with all your digital photos within 2 weeks. Its contingent on how fast you send me your selections. You can then download all the photos from the gallery but also share them and also order extra products!

How many pictures will we receive?

You will receive the number amount that comes with the collection purchased. You always have the option to upgrade or purchase additional collections.

Where can I print my digital images?

Right here at Willow & Ferns! We work closely with our preferred printers to provide you with the best quality prints that will last you a lifetime.

What is golden hour?

Golden hour is the time where the sun is at its softest. It yield soft golden light that compliments any shoot. For outdoor shoots this is the only time I will hold sessions.

Newborn FAQ

When should I schedule?

Most newborn sessions are booked between 5-14 days old. I ask my clients to contact me 3 days after they have given birth to schedule your session.

Do I supply the newborn props?

I have everything in my studio for you to use during your newborn session! Props, headbands, tiebacks, wraps in various colors. Whatever you have viewed in my galleries or social media websites I have. You don't have to worry about anything other than bringing your baby, family and self.

How far in advance should I book?

The earlier the better! I can't guarantee last minute bookings. It's best to book when you find out to guarantee your DD is available on my calendar.

How do you schedule when babies rarely come on their DD?

Yes, babies tend to come whenever they feel like it! To make sure of my clients peace of mind I only take a certain number of newborns a month to ensure I have enough availability to schedule their sessions.


As a full studio, I have everything you would need to style your newborn session. If you would like to bring a small family heirloom, then that is acceptable. All clothing, wraps, hats, bonnets and props are supplied by Willow & Ferns. If you have a special request please make sure to bring it up upon booking.

How long does a newborn session take?

Typically newborn sessions run about 2 hours. We may run over if baby needs a little TLC to get those setups. I tell my clients that baby runs the session and I take all my cues from them.

If you have family and sibling portions with your newborn session, they tend to run anywhere between 2.5-3 hours.

How do I prepare for a smooth session?

After you have submitted your booking form and contracts and been signed. I will send you a prep guide to help you prepare for a smooth newborn session.

Cake Smash FAQ

When is the best time to schedule a cake smash?

It's going to depend on if you need these photos for an event. If so, I suggest scheduling 4-6 weeks prior to your event date. Keep in mind it takes me about 2 weeks to prepare your proofing gallery for viewing. Then an additional week for edits to be made.

How long does your Cake Smashes last?

From my experience babies are done after 30-45 minutes. With a new environment, new food and new textures to experience I find that keeping my cake smash session within 30 minutes is enough for babe!

Is your Cake Smashes just about smashing a cake?

Not at all! Prior to the actual smashing we take what I call Formal Portraits of your child! That way we capture your child 'clean' before we make a mess. I also include a Splash after the smash!

Where and when does the cake smash session take place?

Cake smash sessions take place in my in-home studio in Rogers, AR. In a studio control lighting with everything prepped in advance, and isn’t weather dependent.

As for the when! I suggest scheduling during a time after your babies nap when they are refreshed and ready to play. If your session time is coming up and your baby is still asleep PLEASE DO NOT wake your baby. Let him/her sleep. Just contact me and let me know :)

Do you include props?

Yes I have letters that spell out ONE, various style numbered 1's, Chairs, beds, buckets and other items theme specific.

What outfits do you have?

I have neutral outfits for boys and girls, if you're looking for something more custom (such as babies names on a onesie) you will have to look on Etsy. Once you have booked I will send you a link of available outfits I have in studio for your birthday girl/boy

What Classic Themes are available?

Below are the themes I have readily available for cake smashes. If you find you'd like something a bit different a unique from what I currently have, there will be an additional charge.

-Boho Girl Teepee
- Moons & Stars
-Super Hero's
-Swan Princess
-Hungry Caterpillar
-Ice Cream Shop
-Winne the Pooh
-Red Mickey Mouse
-Lemonade Stand
-Girl/Boy Circus
-Wild One
-Rainbow Balloons
-Dr. Seuss
-Llama Fiesta

A link will be sent to you to view the rest of the themes. And don't be afraid to send me your vision via Pinterest or images. Most of the time I can accommodate your theme requests.

Do you provide the cake?

Yes I do. Your smash cake is included in your Cake Smash session. Of course if you prefer to bring your own due to allergies that is fine as well.

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