OMG What am I going to wear?!

I get this a lot AND on the flip side I get families who know what they are going to wear down to the socks! Trying to coordinate what you're going to wear with the rest of your family is just added stress that a lot of families go through while having any types of photos done. There's so many variables when it comes to picking and choosing items to fit your vision and there are just soooo many clothing items that make it a daunting task. Knowing where the photo session will be held is a starting point to offer suggestions. 

In the studio I offer options for my maternity clients. From couture clothing options, to edgy pieces such as sequin/tassel options, jeweled body suits to simple body suits, body jewelry, pearl tossing fabrics, satin tossing fabrics in lots of color options and chiffon tossing fabric color options as well. Nothing is off limits when it comes to outfits and the great thing about being a full service studio is if you don't find anything you like in the studio I work with Mama Bump Rentals for all your couture maternity wear.

With each piece you wear my goal is to make you feel fabulous and for you to cherish this important time in your life.

maternity tossing fabric
maternity robe
maternity pink dress