She had a vision for her Maternity Session...

When Mama came to me she had an idea of what she wanted her maternity session to be like. In one setup she wanted to be holding a bouquet of flowers that showcased her baby belly in jeans. A very popular setup that I see a lot of moms wanting. Something simple but still has a slight showcase feel. Our next setup was another simple no-top-only jeans setup. We also picked out 1 simple chic dress that she picked out. We did multiple poses with her and her husband to capture those sweet moments between the two of them.

naked maternity session with flowers
simple chic maternity dress

Remember mamas this is your maternity session! Your time to shine! We can go as simple as you want or as glamorous as you want! It's all up to you. Simple dresses or big boo-jee dresses that you can barely walk in AND if you feel the need and want to be completely taken care of I also offer hair and makeup so you don't have to worry about anything.