Bows, flowers, and little bear hats...

With Baby B's newborn session, we went all out. She came to me extra sleepy, in which we were able to get a lot of variations and setups. Mom had sent me her inspiration photos and one that we had to recreate was the big bow setup! Which I absolutely loved styling. So fun to create setups like this. The vibe we went with baby B's newborn session was simply sweet. There was also a specific color mom wanted and that was yellow, which I didn't realize till now that I loved.

white newborn setup with bow
yellow girl newborn setup

First, we started with family and sibling poses and let me just tell you... her two other kiddos were just the sweetest! and loved their new baby sister to bits. After we got done with the sibling portion we went straight to family and parent photos. I usually keep siblings/family photo portion to about an hour which gives me about 3 hours for the baby portion (don't forget the feeds in between) After family photos we broke for a rest and feed for baby B. Again she was extra sleepy for me so transitioning to her portion was actually very easy. Our last setup was on my baby bed where we did bum up and other poses. I had pulled out a pink bear hat and mama exclaimed "Oh I love that!!!" The bear hat wasn't even planned hahaha. Which is why I also ask my moms if they would love to pick out anything they see in my studio, but sometimes that can be a bit daunting since I have so much. Usually moms are " I'll leave that to you!"

purple flower newborn setup