grey maternity dress

Did I tell you simple maternity sessions are making a comeback?

I had another mama reach out to me wanting the best of both worlds. She wanted simple and glam in one package and I said sure! and guess what the blue jeans and white tank/shirt made an appearance! I'm telling you, don't undermine the blue jeans and simple white shirt! They make for very crisp photos and by crisp I mean hot! She had a look she wanted and boy did we both perform! but let's give a shoutout to her husband for bringing it home! Because we both know how hard it is to get our hubbies in front of the camera but he did it! They both looked beautiful in their final images and her glam dresses that she picked from my client closet was a banger! I can't wait to get different colors of that dress in the studio. It truly is a gorgeous dress that makes all mamas feel like a runway gal.

simple jeans and tee maternity setup