wild one boy cake smash

What is a Cake Smash?

Nowadays everyone knows what a cake smash is, BUT there are few that don’t understand or have the desire for their baby No taste cake. Cake Smashes in a nut shell is an event that allows your child to have their very first taste of cake on their 1st birthday, a big milestone. It gives the child an opportunity to touch and feel a new texture and hopefully be rewarded with the taste of something sweet. Sometimes babies come to be already knowing the sweet flavor and sometimes I get babies who are completely unaware of the flavor. With my cake smashes it’s a 3 part process in a 30 minute time block. 1st part is formal portraits (photos without cake) 2nd part is the actually cake smash and finally the Splash! This is where lots of babies tend to show me real smiles hahaha.

baby boy simple cake smash blue

Now in my field, it’s gone both ways… I’ve had babies completely love their cake to the point were I sat there and watched them big their sweet little piece of cake heaven with giant smiles on their faces. I’ve also had babies completely DESPISE the cake. When I have babies that don’t particularly love their cake we try sneaky tricks to at least get the baby to “look” like their are picking at it, and it involves their favorite snack stashed or place behind the cake.

Also I remind parents that you don’t have to have cake with their smash sessions! They can also do babies favorite food like spaghetti, fruit and even yes BBQ ribs. Hmmm ribs.